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About Refugee Law

 Canada has a humanitarian tradition to accept refugees from all over the world, and has one of the most sophisticated Refugee Determination systems. Here's a primer on the refugee determination process in Canada.

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How do I make a refugee claim?

You can make a refugee claim 3 ways:
  • at the port of entry;
  • by going to an Immigration Office in Canada; or
  • by going to an Immigration Office of Canada abroad.
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What is a convention refugee?

In general, a "convention refugee" is a person, who by reason of a well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion is either:

  1. outside his or her home country, and is unwilling or unable to return because of that fear of persecution;

  2. is stateless, outside the country of his former habitual residence, and is unwilling or unable to return to that country because of that fear of persecution.
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When do I cease to be a convention refugee?

You can cease to be a convention refugee if:

  1. you voluntarily seek the protection of your home country;

  2. you voluntarily reacquire your nationality;

  3. you acquire a new nationality and enjoy the protection of your new country;

  4. you voluntarily go back to establish yourself in the country where you feared persecution; or

  5. the reasons for your fear of persecution in the country that you left ceased to exist.
You can also be excluded from the definition of a Convention refugee if you commit a serious non-political crime, or crimes against peace, humanity, war crimes or crimes contrary to the purposes of the United Nations.

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What are the grounds for persecution?

There are five grounds of persecution found in the definition of Convention refugee. These grounds are race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion. If you can't fit your claim into one of these five grounds, you can't make a successful claim.

Who is not eligible to make a refugee claim in Canada?

A person who makes a claim at a port of entry or at a Canadian Immigration Centre in Canada is not eligible to make a refugee claim if a Senior Immigration Officer determines that:

  1. you obtained refugee status in another country, and can go back to that country;

  2. you have already had your claim denied or abandoned;

  3. you have already been determined to be a Convention refugee in Canada;

  4. you have been convicted of serious offences in Canada which may be a danger to the public;

  5. you have been found to be a war criminal or a senior member of a government engaged in terrorism, gross human rights violations or war crimes.
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