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Incorporating a Company - Fees

fees icon For an incorporation, your lawyer will explain what type of company and shares would be advisable for your business. He will also advise you on the qualifications for directors and officers, and discuss your options for these roles.

He will then prepare the documentation to set up the company. Often, the lawyer will subscribe for the company first, and then transfer the company to you. This saves you time and effort, as you will not need so many visits to the lawyer's office.

After the company is incorporated, your lawyer will draft resolutions to issue share certificates, appoint the president and secretary, open a bank account, and other matters. He should also prepare a minute book to insert the company records, and list the company directors, officers, and shareholders.

Legal fees for incorporation usually range from $500 to $1,000, plus taxes and disbursements. Disbursements include government, long distance, photocopy, and courier charges. The lower fee range would be for a basic company, with a fairly standard share structure and articles. The higher end would normally be for companies with specific requirements for the share structure or the rights and restrictions in the articles.

You may also wish to have the registered and records offices located at your lawyer's office. These fees usually cost $150 to $250 per year, and should include the preparation of the annual report and resolutions for the annual general meeting and directors' resolutions.

Disbursements for registration fees, name reservations, and other miscellaneous costs usually range from $400 to $450.

There will be both PST and GST payable on the legal fees, and on some of the disbursements.

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