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Wages, Special Clothing and Records

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It is illegal for an employer to pay less than the minimum wage set out in the regulations. It must pay all regular wages earned by employees in a pay period at least every two weeks and within eight days after the end of the pay period.

If an employer terminates the employment relationship, it must pay the employee within 48 hours all wages owing. If an employee terminates the relationship, she is entitled to be paid in full within six days.

All wages must be paid in Canadian currency, by cheque, draft or money order, or, if authorized by the employee in writing or under a collective agreement, by deposit to the employee's banking account.

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Special Clothing

If an employer requires an employee to wear special clothing, it must provide this clothing and keep it in good condition, without charge to the employee. The employer and the majority of employees may, however, agree otherwise.

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Payment Records

On every pay day, the employer must give each employee a written wage statement for the pay period. This statement must include

  • the employer's name and address
  • the hours worked by the employee
  • the employee's regular and overtime wage rates
  • the hours worked by the employee at the overtime wage rate
  • any money, allowance or other payments the employee is entitled to
  • the amount and purpose of each deduction from the employee's wages
  • how wages were calculated (if the employee is paid other than by the hour or by salary)
  • the employee's gross and net wages
  • how much money the employee has taken from the employee's time bank and how much remains

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