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Dil Gosal, serves Metro Vancouver BC and Washington State fr. his Surrey  Offices, handling Criminal Defense Cases including DUI , of all descriptions. has a Doctor of Jurisprudence and Master of Laws degree from the USA and is  a  practising member of both the BC Bar and the Washington State Bar



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 Metro Vancouver, Victoria & BC 

 Each lawyer listed below has confirmed to Lawyers-BC.Com that he or she has been practising law for at least three years, with at least 20% of his or her practice in criminal cases.

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Marvin Stern
  • 20 years experience in criminal law
  • former Crown prosecutor in B.C. and Manitoba
  • experienced in impaired driving and drug offences
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Dill Gosal, criminal lawyer / defense attorney practises both in BC and Washington State  courts Dilraj "Dil" Singh Gosal, B.A., J.D., LL.M.

Criminal Defense Lawyer,
B.C. Barrister, Solicitor
Washington State, Attorney & Counselor-at-Law

Preferred Area of Practice:  Criminal Law in Canada & Licensed to Practice in Washington State, USA

Office:  #205, 12830-80th Ave.
Surrey, BC, Canada V3W 3A8

Phone:  604.598.1118

Profile:  Bachelor of Arts from UBC · Jurisprudence Doctorate from Washington State Univeristy · Master of Laws Degree from New York State University.

Dil's legal training in the USA and BC as well as being licensed to practice as an Attorney and Counselor-at-law in Washington State, makes him an ideal candidate to handle those cross-border cases.

Dil is fluent in English and Punjabi languages.

Visit his web site for more information.

Web Site:  www.GosalLaw.com

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