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Jeffrey  S.  Lowe

barrister & solicitor, B.Comm.  LLB

900 - 777 West Broadway, Vancouver, B.C. V5Z 4J7
phone: 604.875.9338
web site:
John McCallum, Minister of Immigration Refugees & Citizenship, Canada, at Vancouver Board of Trade meeting where Jeffrey Lowe has opportunity to be part of photo 2016 meeting Jeffrey Lowe, Canada Immigration lawyer in Vancouver office  CLICK firm web site Jeffrey Lowe, business immigration lawyer chats with Federal Government of Canada Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada CIC, Chris Alexander, at meeting in  Vancouver  in early 2014

A Canada business and immigration lawyer-attorney fluent in Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese Chinese, as well as English, Jeffrey acts for business people, local and multinational firms, educational institutions, other law firms and also teaches Canada immigration seminars.

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Jeffrey S. Lowe is a Business and Immigration lawyer, and has practised law in Vancouver, BC, Canada, since 1983.  He was educated at the University of British Columbia (UBC), and has both a Bachelor of Commerce degree and a Bachelor of Laws degree.

Jeffrey is the Principal of Lowe & Company, a Canada Business and Immigration Law firm that has acted for clients from over 65 countries. 

Jeffrey is the Team Leader for Lowe & Company's Business Immigrant Team, which has brought many Business Immigrants to Canada from Asia, North America, and the Middle East.  He also heads up Lowe & Company's Global HR Team , which assists Canadian and Multinational companies to bring in foreign workers and executive transferees to Canada.

Professional Courses and Papers

Jeffrey has taught courses on Canada's Immigration Law to lawyers, Canada immigration officials, and Immigration consultants, both in Canada and abroad, since 1990.  These have included:
  • Overview of Canadian Investor Immigrant Program:  Washington State Bar Association: 1990
  • Canada Business Immigration Law:  B.C. Continuing Legal Education Seminar, 1994
  • Canada Business Immigration from the People's Republic of China:  BC Continuing Legal Education Seminar, 1994
  • Canada Business Immigration for non-Immigration Lawyers:  BC Continuing Legal Education Seminar, 1998
  • Canada Investor Immigration Update:  Immigration Lawyers Subsection, Canadian Bar Association, 1998
  • Proposed Immigration Regulations Change Provisions For Foreign Religious and Charitable Workers:  Canadian Council of Christian Charities, April 2002

Directorships and Community Activities

Jeffrey is a director of several Christian organizations, including the Christian Info Society, publisher of the B.C. Christian News and; Asian Outreach International (Canada) &  He is the Canadian immigration advisor to many churches and Christian organizations, in Canada and internationally.

Jeffrey was the founding President of, a legal web site which has offered free introductory legal information and information about BC lawyers since 1999.

See Lowe & Company's new web site (started in 2003)

Immigration Services at Lowe & Company - 2004-2006 Client Newsletter Excerpts

In 2006 Jeffrey helps launch a web site designed to assist employers in Canada to recruit foreign skilled workers to work in Canada particularly in places like BC and Alberta where the economic boom is being fueled by the resource extraction (oil and mining) industries and the phenomenal growth in construction of residential and commercial properties.  in June 2006 Mr. Lowe was a featured speaker at the Vancouver Board of Trade on the topic of Recruiting of foreign skilled workers for Canada's companies facing staff shortages.

In 2004 Lowe and Company's offices moved from Suite 502 to Suite 900 at 777 West Broadway in Vancouver - and - expanded its legal and related services to  "... not only handle [Canada] immigration issues, but to help clients establish their businesses, resolve disputes, and handle their estates."

Three of Jeffrey's legal staff and associated legal consultants "... became licensed members of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants." This is significant under the Canadian Governments regulations about who can be a paid representative for an immigrant applicant to Canada.

Contact information

Jeffrey  S.  Lowe

barrister & solicitor, B.Comm., LLB
Lowe and Company
#900 - 777 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC, V5Z 4J7
phone:  (604) 875-9338

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