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Lawyers-BC, a network of lawyers in British Columbia, profiles its members in their preferred areas of practice (PAPs).  Each PAP has a limited number of lawyers.

We're not a directory of all lawyers; there are other sites for that.  Our goal is to allow lawyers with one or more PAPs to promote their practice on the Internet by publishing articles and FAQ's ( frequently asked questions).

You provide the expertise; we provide the forum and the promotion.

How we will promote your practice

  1. Profile pages, including:
    • a biographical sketch
    • a photograph (supplied by you in digital jpeg format)
    • a summary of your PAP experience
    • contact information

  2. Articles:  Share your legal expertise on the Internet by writing articles for your PAP. The article links the reader to your profile page, and promotes your specific expertise .

  3. FAQs: A great starting point for potential clients to learn about the law. If you answered the FAQ, readers can also follow a link to your profile page.

The power of mass marketing

At Lawyers-BC, we help you harness the power of mass marketing, at a fraction of the cost. 

In 1999 Lawyers-BC services included a striking two-page, colour "Yellow Pages" [now "SuperPages"] business telephone directories advertisment that asked some provocative questions and motivated clients to visit the Web site for useful information before they call a lawyer.  We also advertised on popular B.C. Web sites, such as, to again increase our traffic.

In the "Post DOT.BOMB era" of 2000-2001, when the first Internet-Web bubble burst --- Lawyers-BC continues to build its Web Search Engines rankings with · · Microsoft's MSN Search · also known as etc.

Lawyers-BC has expanded its team to include more legal-reference-consultants in different areas of law including:

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